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Well, today is the big day.  My parents are officially old.  I have reached the quarter-century mark, which makes them ancient.  Congratulations, Mom and Dad!
I have spent the last couple of days trying not to have a quarter-century (quarter-life?) crisis.  One squealched to the surface just yesterday when I thought, "I am turning 25 tomorrow, which means I should probably cut down on my sugar intake and start running regularly."  Don't worry, I fought off the demon with a piece (or two) of Celeste's magnificent carrot cake, Greer's Oreo No-Bake Cheesecake, and a dozen or so cookies.  Disaster averted.
Today I plan to take advantage of the fact that I can see my web site for the first time in about a year (!!!) to note what I have written about and what still need to impart on you poor, unsuspecting souls from the reservoir of my great wisdom.  (I hope you are atuned to sarcasm.)
In case I don't get a chance to update before then, have a great Christmas (the kind filled with loved ones and good food, not the kind overflowing with stress and commercialism) and an excellent (and safe) New Year.
Phynessa the Almost Grown-Up