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     Many apologies for not updating the site in such a long time.  I got a few surly comments about it, so you people either love me or are getting annoyed with looking at the typos of that last newsletter.  Really, I typed all those apostrophes; the computer just ate them as I hit the "upload" button.  Such is life in the intersection between cyber-world and the developing world.  As I said, many apologies.
     This is not an actual update, but rather a mini-update as I stop by the internet place to call my mother and wish her a happy birthday.  (Happy Birthday, Mom!)  I am on my way to Greer's post, where we plan to make French onion soup and tomato and cheese sandwiches (cheese is a real treat, so your mouth is supposed to water at that description) in order to power up for some tough internetting tomorrow.  Dare I spill the beans now?...  I have PHOTOS to post on the site, thanks to my fabulous mother's ever-growing technological skills!  Go Mom!
      Anyway, I have to figure out how to post them, and I have also written a big, long update to post as well.  Ah, tomorrow should be packed!  That is, unless the computers are not working.
     I would love to thank you lovely people who sent me amazing packages recently.  It makes me sorely regret attaching a note against package-sending.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Metropolitan New Life Baptist Church, aunts Jayne and Dianne, friends Emily and Kate, and mother of friend Ellen.  You are wonderful and generous, and have managed to put five pounds back on me, despite whatever tropical intestinal parasite I've undoubtedly picked up by now!
     Well, I'm off!  Greer and I need about 30 minutes to bike to her village before dark.  Neither of our bike headlights work, so we're not particularly interested in being late!
Take care,

The Next Day...
I am sitting in the computer lab, as I have been for several hours, getting more and more frustrated that the internet connection is making no effort whatsoever to cooperate.  I have been trying to view some of the photos I promised you, but it's not going so well.  The CVS site will only let me view 3 of the 98 shots I have up!  Oh the frustration!
It's fitting, though, that I should be this frustrated, considering that I am typing a piece I wrote several days ago about frustrations here in Togo.  I expect to have that, Almighty Computer willing, up in a few hours.  For now, I have put up a very pixellated (I'll have to work on that) photo for you to look at.
Hoping the computer starts to love me soon,

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