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Phynessa's Peace Corps Site


No-Nodye! (Welcome! in Kotokoli)

Hey Everybody.
I really have no idea whether anyone ever looks at this site anymore, but I wanted to use it to announce some great news... I passed the Foreign Service Oral Exam yesterday!
I am so excited/relieved that I hardly know what to do with myself!   I have wanted to be a Foreign Service Officer since college, and it hurt my soul to fail the test last year.
I am trying to keep my excitement in check because, truthfully, there are still a lot of steps between me and overseas placement.   In fact, with the score I earned, there is a very real chance that I will not be called up to work in an embassy at all.   I am not going to let that get me down, though... I love the job I have, and if God decides that I should stay here, well, that's what I'll do.
So anyway, I just wanted to use this "newsletter" format to tell anyone who logs in asap.   I will start calling people to tell them in a little while.   After all, if you have actually ever read this web site, there is a good chance that I listed you as a reference... that security check questionnaire asked for a LOT of references!

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What's New?

I updated my contact information below.   Send me an e-mail sometime!

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