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Becky Binns--Togo News Letter

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Not only was I blessed with amazing people in my Peace Corps training group, I could not be happier with the non-training-group PCV next to whom I came to live.  I often say that Becky and I are two peas in a pod--not only do we look so much alike that the villagers can never tell us apart, we enjoy the same foods and music, have similar political views, agree we could never marry non-communicators, and share a deep faith.  Those elements coalesce to form the perfect "closest neighbor" situation.  PCVs sometimes spend a few days less than 20 feet away from their closest neighbors, so it helps a lot to have so much in common.
On the other hand, Becky is a Peace Dove and I am a Hawk.  She's visual arts (ceramics and drawing) and I am martial arts (Tae Kwon Do and Isshynru Karate).  She is Type B and I am Type A.  PCVs sometimes spend a few days less than 20 feet from their closest neighbors, so it helps a lot to be balanced out by the other person.
Those are two great reasons I wanted everyone to read Becky's TNLs.  I hope her opinions will validate my sanity at times, and offer an opposing opinion at times.  I can't think of a better way to give you a clear picture of what life is like here in Togo.

Hey folks, Becky here. That Phynessa, she'll say anything for a piece of chocolate cake and a back rub. I agree with it all except the peace dove bit (but she's definitly a hawk). I do love that girl. If you've come right to this page, you should definitly take the time to look over her stuff as well. She works about 1672 hours a week on it, and it's both entertaining, and much more thorough than anything I've written (she being the quinisential type A and me being the typical type B)

Welcome to TNL World! The TNL ( Togo Newsletter) started in October 2001 when I arrived in Togo. The first newsletter was sent to 25 or so close friends and family. I assumed I'd use it to give brief updates on my life here when ever I could get access to internet (perhaps once a month). But email turned out to be pretty accessable, and eventually I'd fallen into the addictive habit of telling stories of  my Togo life at least once a week.

Eventually, the TNL list, under the advertising genius of my mom, grew to over 200 people. Even Phynessa started reading. Hence she created this web page for me. She's just that kind of sweet, generous, hard-working, web-page addict.  I'm a lucky girl. Blessed really.

Quick background; I've been a PCV in the Girl's Education and Empowerment (GEE) program since January 2002. I'm a Rhode Islander (yes, the grand expanse of Togo overwhelms me), and I have a degree in art education (which is a perfect degree to help you in developement work).

If you want to know more, you'll have to trudge through the TNL's. Have fun, and don't get lost! Blessings,


Becky at the Ambassador's Party