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Phynessa's Peace Corps Site

Don't just take it from me. . .

Let's face it.  What with the medications we have to take, the effects of the tropical sun, and the local brew (just kidding, I avoid the local brew), there is NO WAY you should trust my opinion alone.  So, I am providing a few websites to give you a more complete picture of Togo.  For now, I am starting with the sites my friends keep.  I will add some factual (boring) and political (more boring) sites as I have time.
My closest neighbor Becky Binns maintains an almost weekly newsletter.  I haven't finished posting all of the letters on a page, but I have most of the recent ones, and I think you will really enjoy them.
My biking partner-in-crime Greer Gurganus has a website created and compiled by her advisor, Dr. Blair Orr.  It's a mad creation of letters home, clipart, and her roller-coaster ride through Togo.
My friend Jen Samnick is a Small Business Volunteer in the Plateaux Region of Togo.  It was she who talked me into keeping a site in the first place!
And, don't go compairing my site to that of Fred Koehler, a Small Business Volunteer who lives with his wife Alice, a Girls' Education Volunteer, in Blitta.  He cheated.  He was graphic design major and is good with computers.  I have to work hard not to be jealous.