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Phynessa's Peace Corps Site
Old Welcome Pages

I think of the Welcome (home) Page of this site as a quirky, nonsequitor newsletter that I write at random times (sometimes 3 times a month, sometimes not at all during a month) in order to drive nuts the people who love me.  If you are new to the site because someone only recently suckered you into reading it, you may want to look at the old Welcome Pages.
I began putting them into a new format so I can put photos with them, but I haven't gotten very far.  Even those of you who have been reading this site all along (bless your hearts!) may want to glance back through to see if I came up with a visual to clarify what the Heck I was talking about way back when . . .
I'll put a note on the first page when I ever get it finished.  For now, here are the texts of the old pages: