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This past couple of weeks has been great! I had the opportunity to explore the area a bit with a few of my fellow PCVs. I went on three separate hikes to the waterfall that provides all the water for my village and the surrounding villages. It was beautiful! (I took some photos, so maybe someday I will come up with a way to get them on the site for you.) While I was at the waterfall, I got to see my very first snake in Togo. It really wasn't big enough to be an African snake, in my opinion! It was dull green and 18 inches long, so I can't even brag that I saw a particularly terrifying variety. C'est la vie! What I can brag about, however, is that I also got to see several small monkeys! My wildlife knowledge is kind of lacking, so if any of you is a primate buff, you can let me know what type of monkey is just over knee-high, gray, has a white fringe around the face, and is very good at fast escapes! I was excited because I had never seen wild monkeys before. On the last trip to the waterfall, the torrential rains we have been experiencing made a small river swell over the bridge we needed to cross. We abandoned that mission and headed to another waterfall, which resulted in a short free-climb and a jog to get down the mountain before dusk. (Somebody please call my mom and Aunt Jayne to assure them that I am OK!) As always, the time has passed too quickly! The workers who oversee this internet café have begun to suspect that I am glued to this chair, and yet there rests so much to be done! I am heading back to my village today, where I have Kotokoli lessons, chicken-house building, and painting my walls to look forward to. Take care!

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