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Thanks for all the support I have gotten since the past web update.  You people are great!  It made my day to read your words of encouragement.
I am feeling much happier these days, and expect things to get brighter and brighter as my training group climbs over that difficult temporal hump between six months and a year in village.  My frustrations are not at all atypical, and it has helped to have reassurance from so many other PCVs.
I am currently livin' it up in Lome because I was bitten by a village dog.  It seems grossly exaggerated to say that I was "bitten by a village dog."  I feel much more comfortable with the phrase "scratched by the tooth of a village scrawny puppy," because that is really what happened.  I was playing with my three-year-old neighbor and the puppy got defensive of her.  I can't blame him, really, because if I were a young African puppy, I would imagine the Boogey Man as a strange pink lady with yellow hair.  I think it was an honest mistake, really.  Besides, after he snapped at me, my first reaction was, "great!  It didn't break the skin, so I don't have to go to Lome for shots."  But alas, it started bleeding before I could put alcohol on it.  The Med Unit is very protective of us, so, despite that it is highly unlikely that the puppy had rabies, they had me come downcountry.  I think they just didn't want to take any chances given that rabies is 100% fatal in humans.
I haven't minded the hot showers, air conditioning, and yummy food, though.  Right now I am trotting off to a restaurant that has an aviary and small deer walking around the tables.  I can't wait!  Maybe I'll order something with cheese!  Or chocolate!  Or cheese AND chocolate!
Not yet foaming at the mouth,

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